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Beginner Photography Course

with David Wheater

Leave Auto Behind For Good With David!  -  4hrs, Two Students, £199

Simple, concise and easy to understand instruction that you can implement immediately. Ideal for beginners and those wanting to get off auto-mode. Private 1-to-1 tuition with three times SLPOTY finalist David Wheater. Please email to book - or call David on 07400 705 357 or fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Are you frustrated with the photographs you’re taking?
Struggling to understand how your digital camera works? 

Then struggle no more! Let David demistify the world of photography and show you how to fully control your camera to achieve the shots you’ve always wanted.

The aim of this one day photography course is to demistify the workings of your camera and to take complete creative control of your camera for the first time. Classes are STRICTLY PRIVATE so you get as much UNDIVIDED time with David as possible. 

Whether you’ve just been given a new digital camera, or you’ve been stuck in automatic mode for years, David will cut through all the jargon and complicated technicalities to help you take full creative control of your camera.

The first hour will be spent going over some basic theory helped by some coffee/tea and cake (on us). The next 3 hours will be spent out-and-about, putting into practice what you’ve learned. David will patiently take you through the workings of your camera, step-by-step, all the way to mastering Manual mode. 


At the end of this course you will receive a free pdf guide, written by David, covering all aspects taught on the course.

We’ll give you the technical skills to get creative with your compositions – but most of all we’ll introduce you to a compelling hobby, the joy of which can last a lifetime. Above all, our beginner photography classes are all about learning to enjoy the art of photography. We have just one golden rule – photography should be fun! 

Our beginner classes will teach you how to shoot in manual in just one day. We’re so confident you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your photography that we offer a money back guarantee: – “shoot great photos in manual – or your money back"

What's Included
Photography Course Details

  • Class Instructor:  David Wheater

  • Suitability:  Beginners and anyone struggling to get off automatic modes

  • Suitable Cameras:  All digital DSLRs, Mirrorless and Compact System Cameras with Manual Control

  • FREE Camera Hire: You don’t need a camera. We’ll lend you (and a friend) a DSLR for FREE!

  • Locations:  Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, London

  • Duration:  4 hours

  • Times:  12pm – 4pm

  • Price:  Edinburgh £199, Glasgow £199, Newcastle £399, London £599

  • Extras:  Complimentary tea/coffee n’ cake

  • Course Materials: A free PDF Guide to everything covered on the course.

What Will I Learn?

The main goal will be to having you shooting confidently in Manual Mode by the end of the day


  • Holding your camera for steady shots

  • The anatomy of your camera and its lens

  • The exposure triangle: understanding and balancing ISO, shutter speed and aperture

  • Using slow and fast shutter speeds

  • Aperture and depth of field

  • ISO – the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor and ‘noise’

  • Auto ISO benefits

  • Advanced Modes: Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Manual Mode

  • Understanding the exposure scale

  • The exposure metering system and metering patterns

  • Fine tuning exposure and exposure compensation

  • Autofocus modes: One Shot, Continuous and Auto

  • Focusing and reframing

  • Lenses and focal length

  • Basic rules of composition and exploring angles

  • Mastering shooting in Manual Mode

Please remember that you don’t even need to own a camera to take this class. We have a selection of DSLR cameras which can be used free of charge on the day. 

If you have a question about this course, or would like to book, please email David at or telephone on 07400 705 357.

What our Pupils are saying about our Private Photography Classes

David is a patient, inspirational, passionate photographer. It is so obvious that he wants his students to get the best from his teaching! Truly the best photography teacher ever who doesn’t ‘rant on and on’ about his own (fabulous) work but provides a bespoke service to each and every student.

I can’t recommend him more highly!

B. Binnie (Edinburgh) 


I had never held a DSLR in my hand. Honest! Definitely, a DSLR Novice here. But not anymore! He gave me lots of incredibly helpful tips on how to take great photos. There was very clear advice on composition, the exposure triangle, camera modes, metering and more. David’s handouts are incredibly easy to understand, they were absolutely perfect for me. He offers follow-up support too via email or over a cup of coffee.

Patrick (Edinburgh) 


David’s passion and enthusiasm for his work was infectious! I’ve certainly learned so much more than I thought about my camera and photo composition. Can’t wait to sharpen my new found skills. Thanks David

Louise (Edinburgh)


David is a wealth of information about photography, the city and its historical roots. I gained great comfort with my camera as well as capturing some lovely pictures of this city.

L. Westbrook 


David is such a passionate photographer, you really feel he loves his work. With less effort (e.g. only changing the angle a little) the pictures I shot with David improved a lot compared to those I have taken.

Claudia (Edinburgh) 


David is an incredibly interesting and passionate gentleman who clearly loves Edinburgh and Photography. I learned the fundamentals of using my camera and enjoyed a lovely afternoon discussing the philosophy of life, interspersed with detailed chats about photography.

E. Flockhart


I was fortunate enough to get David to show me round Dundee. I have an interest in architecture and I was blown away by his knowledge of the city. I only had my iPhone with me and the photos I took are amazing thanks to David teaching skills. Highly recommend his services.

C. McNab (Dundee)


Special thanks to David for showing me the techniques to take great photos which i’ll use again and again in the future. Also I enjoyed the great scenery in Edinburgh – it’s been a brilliant experience.

A. Fox (Edinburgh) 


David showed me how to take great photographs with my DSLR camera. I feel more confident using it and also enjoyed seeing parts of Edinburgh and taking amazing photos.

S. Pickles

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